I Wrote You This!

Creative writing to give
to friends & family

Haha, the creative writing workshop that's not about you!

Say what now?

I Wrote You This! is a mixture of creative writing, mindfulness, gratitude and gifting practice. It's a period of quality time for yourself, in the company of others, to hold in mind people you treasure, before gifting them with writing from your heart. Whether it's a letter, a poem, a story, or a haiku on a Post-It note, you'll create fresh pieces of unique writing to send to friends and family after the workshop, guided by an experienced writing facilitator. It's a lovely way to get out of your own story for a bit.

The creative writing mantra: 'Write from what you know' - Screw that - Write for other people!

And why again?

Life's busy eh? In the rush and tumble of the everyday, we can forget what a gift thoughtful, meaningful communication can be, and the effect it can have on a friend or family member. We all know the joy of receiving a letter out of the blue, or how special it is when someone gives us a homemade gift. Why leave personalised writing to eulogies? So in an I Wrote You This! workshop, we practise slowing down, have some relaxing down time together and create pieces of writing for people dear to us or who we admire or would like to thank. It's like a creative writing workshop, but rather than stow your words away, you gift them, and that makes all the difference.

Great for out of the blue expressions of love and friendship, as well as Valentine's, Mother's Day, birthdays...

Who's this?

I Wrote You This! is devised and hosted by award-winning poet and writer Philip Cowell, author of Keeping A Journal (Sheldon Press) and This Is Me, Full Stop (Penguin). Philip has almost 20 years' experience in arts charities (including Arvon and English PEN) and design and sustainability agencies, plus a lifetime's love of reading and writing poetry, and his poems have appeared in Poetry Review, POEM, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Birdbook III, Wanderful and even been bombed out of a helicopter! Philip's led writing workshops for Write & Shine, Southbank Centre, Normal? Festival of the Brain, Free Word, Wilderness Festival and HMP Durham amongst others, and he once hosted a Letter Writing Club Night in London!

Get out of your own story for a bit - turn your gifted writing into writing gifts!

What can I expect?

A one-and-a-half hour online writing workshop with plenty of time to write three or four pieces of writing for friends/family (in-person workshops will be available in the future)

Simple mindfulness exercises to get you into the present moment and loving-kindness practices to help hold your recipients in mind

Writing prompts to inspire new approaches to your writing

Beautiful examples from literature of personalised writing from the heart to inspire

The chance to share stories and experiences

The opportunity to share some lines from your writing that surprised or delighted you

You will also receive a writing gift from Philip after the workshop!

Don't leave personalised writing to eulogies - gift your words to the living now!

What shall I bring?

Paper (obviously!) but also any special stationery if you fancy it

Your favourite pen/s to write with

Any decorative flourishes you like to add to your writing eg stickers, stars...

Stamps - if you want to send your gifts through the post after the workshop (you can also email them of course!)

"I love them as gifts that are such an expression of your beautiful soul" - writing gift recipient

Gratitude to rawpixel.com for the image